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  1. E4 BACHELORPROJECT 2017-2018 layered identity - public space | i.sd University Innsbruck | Students Elena Ellmerer, Federico Gomarasca, Harald Jöchl, Lydia Krenz, Stephanie Wachter, Riccardo Mangili, Linda Neuweiler, Johanna Partl, Nina Sigg, Rebecca Wachtler

    Public space is generally understood as outdoor space. In the layered system of our cities of the future we will need to focus on public spaces that are also inside buildings – and make them accessible. We try to understand public space not as „leftover“ but as active programme, that has distinct and adaptable properties and is connected to adjacent programmes in a collaborative way.
    structure as organization
    The structure of a building is an integral part and a key element of the spatial organisation - as well as a navigational device. How does the structure respond to the programme, function and location in the overall structure? How is the interaction with the user?
    contextualisation strategy
    Every project has to land on something, has to have coherence with something. The urban context can be seen as a landscape where a buildings connects to. In this sense, the in between, the leftovers are just as important as the building.
    In one fo the most prominent places of Innsbruck, next to the „Landestheater“ and opposite the Hofburg and Old Town, the so-called „House of Music“ is currently under construction. Due to an overload of administrative and non-public functions, the building has a very limited public character. We adress this, and propose a very dense, and at the same time very public and accessible building.