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  1. E15
    AUSTRIAN PAVILION EXPO 2015 | TYPE 2-stage Open Competition  PRIZE 4th prize LOCATION Milan / Italy  YEAR 2013  COLLABORATION Bence Pap  STRUCTURAL ENGINEER Bollinger Grohmann Schneider ZT GmbH  LANDSCAPE DESIGN Roland Barthofer  MODEL Harald Schmidt, Vienna  RENDERINGS Damjan Minovski

    Coming from the main axis oft he EXPO site, the pavilion presents itself with a funnel-shaped opening, a welcoming gesture which at the same time creates a plaza for the waiting queue. On both longitudinal sides walls are rising from the ground and drag the visitors into the exhibition space. Floor, wall and ceiling merge into a continuous landscape, form a spacious staircase upwards and guide intuitively through the exhibition. Properties and elements that are associated with Austria like different landscape formations, mountain gaps but also things like hospitality, openness, creative excellence are carefully inscribed into the geometry oft he pavillon. The visitor flows will be guided by the architecture but leaves enough room to allow individual movement and speeds.
    The exhibition makes a critical contribution to the issue of diversity and shows that regional diversity is an indispensable innovative potential for a healthy and sustainable living . Forms and history of cultivation of selected regional foods, craft skills as well as artistic and cultural goods are cataloged in the exhibition and made ​​tangible in physical and digital form.