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  1. WMN WIEN MUSEUM NEU | TYPE Open 2-stage Competition  LOCATION Vienna / Austria  YEAR 2015  COLLABORATION Pichler & Traupmann Architekten ZT GmbH  TEAM Bartosz Lewandovski, Peter Grandits  MODEL Harald Schmidt, Vienna

    A movement in the longitudinal direction of the Karlsplatz, starting with the Otto-Wagner-pavilions, flows around the existing museum and is divided in two directions that generate volumetric formations: a horizontal and a vertical wing.
    The horizontal „Museum wing“ includes the main exhibition and presents the museum with self-confidence in the heart of the city. The volume floats and cantilevers above the space of the former Wiental-canal, which is now underground, but still drained by the river and the traffic flows of the underground lines. Through this conscious step the grown soil of the park and it´s historic trees remain unaffected.
    At the same time the building becomes part of a group of cultural institutions and forms, together wit the Musikverein and the Künstlerhaus, a clearly perceptible new cultural triumvirate.
    On a larger urban scale, the museum receives the value and location of the „Konzerthaus“ and „Akademitheater“ as a reflection about the axis of the Schwarzenberg square.