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    CITY TOWER CHEONGNA | TYPE Open International Competition LOCATION Cheongna / South Korea YEAR 2008 COLLABORATION Peter Schamberger, Pichler & Traupmann Architekten ZT GmbH

    The tower is conceived as a pair of two, leaning at each other and holding each other up. Both tubular shafts arise at discrete points of the site, touch, merge and extremely separate again. Where they merge, they also bend. Thus the tower becomes a gigantic three-dimensional calligraphic sign, reading differently depending from where of the city you approach it. While being in motion, the tower also constantly seems to move and change its appearance during the course of time. At all points of perception the twin tower is actively responding to the observer position of any kind – through the overall scheme as well as on the surface. Thus the tower is both a perfect symbol of today’s ever changing times as well as a gigantic sign providing orientation and creates a visual network for the city. Looking at it you know where you are.
    The area can be accessed in multiple ways, one is the Cable Car that dives directly into the Main Lobby of the City Tower Visitor Center where the elevators start upwards to observation decks on two different levels. The first one is at about 250m, providing near view, Bungee Jump and space for further programme. All the levels are connected with a gigantic inner courtyard for vertical views. On the second observation deck on 450m the visitors can find an enclosed space, a terrace that is protected by the façade and a platform that is floating on the top of the tower for the most spectacular experience.