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  1. RHS OFFICE AND RETAIL BUILDING RATHAUSSTRASSE | TYPE 2-stage Open Competition  PRIZE 2nd prize LOCATION Vienna / Austria  YEAR 2013  COLLABORATION Pichler & Traupmann Architekten ZT GmbH  TEAM Sabrina Miletich  MODEL Harald Schmidt, Vienna  RENDERINGS EXPRESSIV.AT

    The project Rathausstraße reflects the given situation in multiple ways, both in terms of the historical setting with its underlying rules as well as the exploration of future developments within these parameters. A structure with high complexity and clearly readable rules of articulation was created which adresses a playful dialogue with the surrounding block structures and their roofscapes. Multiple singular models are overformed by a respective next step and ultimately superimposed to form the overall structure. The facade is understood as a reinterpretation of the late nineteenth reliefing of the surrounding blocks. The horizontal stratification is strongly emphasized and corresponds with the existing facades in depth and grain.