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  1. SCA
    SCHOOL CAMPUS ATTEMSGASSE | TYPE 2-stage Open Competition  LOCATION Vienna / Austria  YEAR 2013  COLLABORATION Pichler & Traupmann Architekten ZT GmbH  MODEL Harald Schmidt, Vienna

    Compact openness | compact overall structure | clear readability and orientation | pavilion-like structure on a base
    Strategy of layering and shifting within this compactness creates openness | vertical / horizontal layers and shifts | multiple reference and relationships | cross-linking of interior and ecterior spaces | linking landscape with terrace levels
    Urban Development | "softening" the building contour towards garden | arranging outdoor facilities adjacing to existing green areas and parks
    Internal Organization | central foyer with clear orientation towards internal circulation zones and functional units | central staircase as a communicative landscape and transition to open spaces | clusters 2-storey interlaced | internal diagonal connection between the floos, visual connection to neighbouring cluster