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  1. ROT
    ROOFED TERRACE INNSBRUCK | TYPE built  LOCATION Innsbruck / Austria  YEAR 2013  PHOTOS Henning Koepke

    In front of a villa on the outskirts of Innsbruck the redesigned terrace exploits existing elements and forms a discrete object from different lines of motion. The continuous lines are clearly visible in the steel construction that are read in the same manner as the wooden panels that they cover. With a long gesture, the terrace floor accentuates the entire façade of the house and develops around the central walnut tree. Due to the slight slope of the terrain, the floor appears to peel out of the meadow. The wall serves as a screen and a back rest for the integrated seating arrangement. The glass roof hovering over the structure forms space within the environment where occupants can have exterior privacy from their neighbors protection from changing weather conditions.