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    SCHOOL CAMPUS WITH BOARDING SCHOOL | TYPE 2-stage Competition  PRIZE recognition LOCATION Neustift i. Stubaital / Austria  YEAR 2013  COLLABORATION Pichler & Traupmann Architekten ZT GmbH  TEAM Milan Suchanek  MODEL Harald Schmidt, Vienna  RENDERINGS Visualisierung © Tomaselli . VISUAL SENSATIONS

    The school campus sees itself as a densified structure of a village or small town-like organism in which the various buidling types and sizes are available in a structured way, always in context with the public space. This basic pattern of this sensible, traditional and proven reference logic is found throughout all areas as a self similar system that allows complex options of assignments and a wide range of opening and retreat.
    The smallest unit is a cluster of three to five classes which is arranged around the central space for open learning and communication. This open learning environment offers various individual retreat and acquisition opportunities and high flexibility in terms of use and changeability. There is no separation between the classroom and the recreational spaces, both are held in the same spatial structure.
    The individual clusters are carefully placed along the contour lines of the sloped site and shifted relative to each other so that the roof of the lower cluster can act as a terrace.